[Supras] Fuel Pulsation Dampener

LWolken at aol.com LWolken at aol.com
Tue Feb 10 23:37:04 CST 2004

Couple of thing to mention on this subject.  First is that a larger ID fuel 
rail will reduce the amount of pulsating found inside the fuel rail.  Also get 
away from batch fire, its not made for lots of power and reliability.  
Virtually all new cars use sequential fuel delivery systems.  You can also run two 
fuel feed lines, one into each end of the rail and move the return to the center 
of the rail this will improve the consistency in fuel pressure across the 
rail.  If you plan to run lots of power with the factory batch fire system then I 
strongly reccomend this modification.  The real answer is sequential fuel 
injection with individual cylinder fuel correction.  This solves all of the 
associated problems found with batch fire systems.  As for weather or not you need 
a dampener go the the track and see how many 8 second cars are running one.  
If a engineer says you should have one then ask him to explain why the cars you 
see at the track aren't?

                                                          Lance Wolken   

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