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SUPRAS.com is the central point for Toyota Supra information. This is the place to fix your old Supra, find out about current events or find someone located close to you that's interested in Supras as well! The Tech Center has valuable tech tips, troubleshooting and general information. SOGI originated here and continues to thrive! Find out more about joining SOGI. It's free!

What do I get if I log in?
You can surf this site freely without creating an account, you just won't be able to do some of the cool stuff like arrange an event near you! If you don't own a Supra yet, you can still create an account, just don't add a Supra until you own one. -ADD AN ACCOUNT

The new site is running!
Hopefully streamlined a few things for everyone. The events section is now in a calendar format. Log in to use the 'add an event' feature. I've brought back part of the site and will add the regional chapters and vendor discounts as soon as possible!!!

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Log in to edit your member's info, Supra info or schedule a meet. Once again, I wiped all passwords from the database while changing to a more secure system. You'll have to reset your password to login. -RESET PASSWORD NOW


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